General Farm Yard Catalogue 2022

May 11 2022


General Farm Yard Catalogue 2022

At Genfitt, we understand the importance of having a well-equipped and organised farm yard. That’s why we have put together a catalogue of all the important farm yard tools and accessories for your convenience. In our 43 page guide, you are sure to find a range of products to suit your needs.

Genfitt is a leading supplier of General Farm Supplies to the trade across Ireland and the UK. We have made our name in being an all-rounder – a one stop shop for all your parts, components and tools with a particular focus on the farmer.

We specialise in Gate Fittings and Gate Hangers. Gate Hangers are one of our top selling ranges and we have a wide variety of hangers to suit every application – from RSJ Girders to Timber Posts. We also supply a range of Gate Wheels and Closing Bolts to keep gates easy to manage and safe & secure.

Genfitt offer a full range of door tracking and Joiners. We supply tracking in 3m & 5m lengths along with rollers to suit light up to Heavy Duty doors. Our range of handheld squeegees and scraper rubbers ensure you can keep your yard and cubicle houses scraped clean.

We have a choice of Petrol Power Washers to suit a range of cleaning tasks around the farmyard – from washing machinery to hosing dirty concrete walls in sheds. A Submersible Pump is a handy piece of equipment to have at your disposal and we have 3 models to suit the needs of every customer.

Good fencing and tight steel wire are essential to keeping cattle, sheep, horses and pigs under control. Our ratchet strainers and wire tensioner makes fencing a simple, straightforward and satisfying job.

Despite the operators best efforts – holes can and will appear in silage bales due to damage during transportation or birds landing on tops of bales. Our Black Silage Tape will help to put things right once again and ensure your silage has an air-tight seal.

For further information, images and technical details on all products listed in the catalogue please visit our website www.genfitt.ie or contact your sales rep.

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