Help & Support

For questions or queries on the operation of the Genfitt Webshop:

For technical issues:
David Cassidy
T: +353 (0) 94 9381377


Quick Order - Single Line
Click on the Quick Order Button on the Left Hand Side or go to the Shopping Cart at the top of the page.
Simply enter the Genfitt product code then enter the quantity required.
Click Add and you order will populate as you go.
You will see the product you have entered with both Price & Quantity.
A summary of the order appears on screen as you go along.
You can remove an item or increase / decrease  the quantity required

Quick Order - Multiple Lines
Click on the Quick Order Button on the Left Hand Side or go to the Shopping Cart at the top of the page
Click on the Drop Down Box where you see Single Item Quick Order
Select the Multiple Item Quick Order Line
The screen image changes which shows a text box with a heading "Multiple Items Quick Order"
You will need to have the Tucks O'Brien Product Codes listed in Excel or CSV format
The EXCEL sheet should have two columns - Product Code - Quantity Required
Only copy the Product Codes and Quantity. Leave out the headings
Then paste the information into the Text Box
Then click check order will populate
Proceed to checkout as normal

Searching Techniques
The search field is designed to find products based on a near or perfect match of the product code or description.
Using a Genfitt product code you can enter all or part of the number
Searching with part of the code the system will display any item matching that partial code
When searching for an product with a description you need to be less specific
Searching for a Tine - Do not search using plural eg Tines as this will most likely be too much data. Simply use Tine
If for example you are looking for a Round Gearbox Cone in either Round, Gearbox or Cone
Your interpretation of the description may not match the actual description so you are best with a near match
Less is more in these cases