Genfitt's Knowledge Report: Performance Trends In The Agricultural Sector

On behalf of Genfitt I want to welcome you to Genfitt's Knowledge Report.

I want to thank those who contributed to the Knowledge Report in particular our partner KPMG and The Hub who carried out the independent research. 

Around this time in 2016 we commissioned a small piece of research to assess the likely out-turn for farming in 2016 and identify the factors which drove this. We also wanted to get a sense of the outlook for 2017. 

Such was the level of interest this generated amongst our suppliers, customers and others working in the sector we decided to expand the scope of the research and repeat it in 2017. 

We hope that Genfitt Knowledge will be particularly useful at a time of year when most enterprises are developing their plans for the coming year. It is our intention that the Genfitt Knowledge Report will be produced annually. 

Reflecting the importance of grass based farming, the Genfitt Knowledge Report concentrates on the dairy and beef sector, but also comments on other farming activity including tillage.

Paul Duggan

Chairman Genfitt

KPMG is delighted to partner with Genfitt and The Hub in the production of this report.

It is extremely heartening to see that Irish agribusiness is in a good place. This is no surprise to us in KPMG – we know that Irish farmers and agribusiness companies have a global mindset, are resilient and have taken many of the right steps needed to compete in the market. Of particular interest is the confidence that farmers have in respect of the coming year - a year which will inevitably present challenges as well as opportunities. 

We are all aware of the many challenges facing business generally, and agribusiness in particular, including exchange volatility, changing consumer preferences and the impact on technology. We urge Irish businesses to stay focused on the customer, embrace technological change and think globally.

David Meagher

Partner KPMG in Ireland

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